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Minutes  of the  2009 TSUK AGM




 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Tsunami Support (UK)
Charity No. 1121935
Held at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport Head Office, Saturday 4 April 2009
The meeting opened at: 1.35pm
Robert Brewster           Co-chair
Steve Gill                      Co-chair
Jean Dogan                  Treasurer
Kelly Macro                 Secretary
Roger Jenman               Joint Events organiser
Barbara Jenman            Joint Events organiser
Michael Perry               Trustee
Members: Fi Sweetman, Jane Brewster, Andrew Archer, Mireille Archer, Jo Stannard, Beverley Hough, Julian Mackenzie, Sandra Bell, Sonia Wakely, Peter Wakely, Eileen Evora,
Apologies: Robert Whittle & Tal Berman Howarth
Minutes of the previous A.G.M. on 8 March 2008 were approved.
The Chairs Report:
Robert Brewster opened the meeting by saying that he hoped that progress would be made the Memorial project.   There had recently been considerable activity and a meeting was planned with the NHM.  
The Treasurer’s Report:
Jean Dogan outlined the expenditure for the year ended 31 Dec 2008
AGM                                                               £1181
Committee Meetings                                         £147
Events                                                              £427
Memorial                                                          £84
Admin                                                              £5
Total                                                               £1844
Our receipts were:
Donations                                                         £375
Bank Interest and short term bonds                   £1046
Total                                                               £1421
Our cash funds at 31 Dec 2008                        £20349
2 accounts have been set up. One for the Memorial fund and one as a Hardship fund.
We had 2 donations in 2008
RBS                                                                 £275
Members                                                          £100
Another donation has been given to us this week from Virgin Unite.   A more visible website and an entry on the Charity Commission site could increase donations
£15,000 has been invested in Bonds until next year.
A token amount of £1,000 will be transferred into the Hardship Fund to cover any urgent needs.  
A proposal was made that we could offer to subsidize travel expenses when a Memorial is opened to assist people who would not otherwise be able to attend.  
Steve Gill thanked Jean for all her hard work and commitment as Treasurer.
Election of Officers & Trustees:
The current Officers and Trustees were unanimously re-elected.   No new officers or trustees were proposed.
Co-Chair – Robert Brewster & Steve Gill
Secretary – Kelly Macro
Treasurer – Jean Dogan
Website Co-ordinator – Robert Whittle
Events Co-ordinators – Barbara & Roger Jenman
Other trustees –  Michael Perry & Tal Berman Howarth
Memorial Committee - Steve Gill, Michael Holland & Michael Perry
Steve Gill, Robert Brewster and Michael Holland will form a steering committee to talk directly with Dr. Michael Dixon at the NHM.   It was hoped to arrange a meeting shortly.  
A general discussion followed about the type of memorial people wanted.   Some people stressed that they would not want to be obliged to see an animated exhibition of what a Tsunami is about adjacent to a memorial, and indeed would find that quite distressing.  It was noted that the memorial should not be in a noisy environment
One member asked if we should be looking at other possible sites for the memorial.   Most members present felt that we need to concentrate on the wishes expressed by the 61% majority who voted for the NHM.
Landscaping at the NHM is due to be finished August 2009. Detailed drawings should be available at the proposed meeting showing the approaches to the Darwin 2 centre. 
Those present all agreed that they know that Robert, Steve and Michael understand the feelings of the members and trust they will get back to us when they have had the meeting with NHM to let us know what they propose.
Steve hopes to put conversations & meetings onto the website and keep everyone involved.
Summer Event:
The venue used for the last two years at Headley, Hampshire is available on 11th July 2009.    Last year we contacted by e-mail 238 members, of whom 81 responded and 30 agreed to attend.    Finally we had 35 adults and 6 children. Committee members and their families made up a substantial proportion of those numbers.   It was mentioned what a superb venue it is and what great hosts Richard and Dinah Hardman are.
A discussion ensued as to whether we should continue with the event and how we could attract more members.   It was considered unlikely that we would have a first draft of a proposed memorial ready for July, and an alternative date in September was discussed.   Various proposals were made:
Visit to Kew Gardens
Visit to the Darwin Centre
Tour of the NHM
Combine the event with a memorial update
Miss out Headley this year and visit the NHM in September/October.
Should we be keeping the Summer Event purely as a social event?
How about a garden later in the year? Best time for flowers and colours
Give the day a focus to draw people to it? Some people may be anxious about coming.
Local events?
How to contact and reach out to as many people as possible?
Finally it was agreed that Roger and Barbara Jenman would look for a location for the event around the 11th July 2009, preferably somewhere North of London,  to enable members from other areas to attend.   They would try to incorporate a visit to Coughton Court, near Stratford on Avon, where the Tsunami Noni sculpture is displayed. 
Robert Whittle had provided 2 projects:
Project to redo the existing Tsunami Support UK website originally donated by Giant Systems
Project to start a completely new site designed by Catfish Web Design
Catfish’ Brief:
Rebranding and website revamp for TS(UK)
The website should:
Catfish will be able to give logo ideas.
The Catfish project has a budget cost of £4,000 which is £1,000 more than previously voted.   It will be much more user friendly and less complicated than trying to adapt the current site which was kindly donated by Giant Systems, but based on a site developed for a different purpose.   Steve Gill proposed that the Catfish project be adopted and Michael Perry seconded the proposal.  
Any other business:
Memorials around the country:
We know that there are some memorials around the country and in other countries, personal and public. Could we list these on our website?
Trauma Counselling:
As far as we are aware there is no registered list of Trauma Counsellors for disasters. There were thousands of people affected in some way by the Tsunami, many of whom have needed counselling and many more could still benefit in the future.   This is an area we should continue to press to rectify.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will feature on our new website.
We still only have 300 on our contact list, whereas many thousands were in some way affected by the tsunami.   We, as a charity, have to exist so that people can dip in and out when they need us. It was pointed out, just what we have achieved over the past 4 years. Robert Brewster put a paper together outlining our achievements which was very impressive. We mustn’t get despondent.
We should explore funding for children who lost parents, possibly for additional educational opportunities.  
Secretarial Support:
DCMS can provide if needed.
Names for a memorial:
Not all families want names of loved ones on a memorial. We (or the D.C.M.S.) will have to contact all families for confirmation for names.   It was suggested that the age should also be given.  
Meeting closed at: 3.15pm



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