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Minutes of the 2010 TSUK AGM

Charity No. 1121935
Minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 17th April 2010
at The John Flett Theatre, NaturalHistoryMuseum, London SW7 5BD
Co-Chairman Robert Brewster welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the NHM for providing the facilities of The Flett Theatre. There were 39 people present.
Chairman’s Report
Robert outlined the items to be covered at the meeting including the progress on the memorial, a visit to the proposed memorial site outside the Darwin Centre and an update on the development of the TSUK website. He acknowledged the considerable help from Michael Holland in moving the Memorial Project forward. He explained that an update on the progress would take place in the afternoon following a buffet lunch.
Steve Gill, Co-Chair, gave apologies from Tal Berman Howarth who had recently given birth to a baby son. Apologies were also received from Renuka Marley. Steve also announced that Kelly Macro had resigned as Secretary due to family commitments. Thanks were expressed for her support and contribution to the Charity.
Minutes of the last AGM held on Saturday 4th April 2009
The minutes were approved and signed.
Matters arising from the last AGM (not covered by the agenda)
There were no matters arising.
Treasurer’s Report
Jean Dogan gave a comprehensive report and it was noted that assets had decreased by £6,430 to £13,919. It was proposed and seconded that the accounts be accepted and this was agreed by all present and signed by the Co-Chairmen. Copy of report attached.
Election of Officers and Trustees
There were no new nominations. All previous officers and trustees except the Secretary had agreed to continue and were re-elected.
Roger Jenman agreed to undertake the Secretarial duties and was duly elected.
The Officers of TSUK:
Robert Brewster           Co-Chair
Steve Gill                      Co-Chair
Roger Jenman               Secretary
Jean Dogan                  Treasurer
Robert Whittle              Website Co-ordinator
Michael Perry               Trustee
Barbara Jenman            Events Co-ordinator
Tal Berman Howarth    Trustee
Memorial Committee/Steering Committee
At the last AGM Steve Gill, Michael Holland and Michael Perry were appointed to the Memorial Committee. Steve Gill, Robert Brewster and Michael Holland were appointed to a Steering Committee to talk directly with Michael Dixon at NHM. During the year these two functions have evolved into the Tsunami Memorial Project Board.
Additional members to be Co-opted pro-bono on to the Tsunami Memorial Project Board were put forward by Robert Brewster - Sophie Marsham, Charles Tilley and Douglas Millar.

Sophie Marsham is a member of a family deeply affected by the tsunami and is a well known artist specialising in public projects and will help us with any artistic issues.

Charles Tilley, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 2001 and previously Group Finance Director with Hambros PLC. His participation will to ensure that we are getting best value for money with government funding.
Douglas Millar Before his recent retirement he was Clerk to the House of Commons committees for many years and he will make sure we follow proper procedures.
The proposed co-opted members were seconded and agreed.
Tsunami Memorial Project Board Members
Michael Holland           Chairman
Robert Brewster
Steve Gill
Michael Perry
Sophie Marsham         
Charles Tilley
Douglas Millar
The formation of the Tsunami Memorial Project Board under the Chairmanship of Michael Holland was unanimously approved.
Presentation of the new TSUK website
Robert Whittle demonstrated the development of the website and the progress to date. He also demonstrated how members may use the site and post relevant stories and information. Links to other sites and pictures should be put through Robert Whittle. There will be a special page for the Memorial Project on which comments and views can be posted. He emphasized that we should encourage people to contribute through the website.
The new TSUK logo is now in use.
A question reference passwords was raised and Robert explained the procedure.
There is still a lot of information to be transferred to the new site and support for Robert to make the necessary progress is to be investigated.
The website address is currently www.tsuk.org.uk  and at some point in the near future the existing address presently attached to the old site will point to the new site instead.
Robert was thanked for his presentation.
Any Other Business
There being no further business the meeting closed.


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