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The Tsunami Support Network, coordinated by the British Red Cross, has now passed on its activities to an elected committee aimed at continuing to help provide support for families and individuals in the UK affected by the catastrophic South East Asian Earthquake and the resulting Tsunami of December 26th 2004. Membership is restricted to those directly affected by the tsunami and their close friends and relations.

Our objectives are:
  • To provide a point of contact in the UK to offer support and information to people affected by the tsunami and through which people can contact each other to provide mutual support.
  • To seek to raise awareness of the needs of those directly affected by the tsunam.
  • To plan for tsunami anniversaries and commemorative event.
  • To relieve the needs of UK citizens and residents affected by the tsunami by providing support, practical advice, and help in obtaining financial assistanc.
  • To cooperate with any statutory authority in the provision and/or management of a memorial to the tsunami victims and of any tsunami commemorative event in the furtherance of the above objects.



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