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Charities associated with the Tsunami:

Music for Alice

Music for Alice was set up to commemorate the life of Alice Macgill who died in the tsunami in Thailand, aged 23 together with her mother, Sally. At the time of her death Alice was training to be a music teacher at Goldsmiths College, London and had previously completed an undergraduate degree in Music at the college. Music for Alice was set up by Edie Fassnidge, Alice's sister and aims to 'remember Alice by giving today's musicians an opportunity, through financial assistance, to further their music education and development. http://www.musicforalice.org.uk

European Disaster Volunteers

European Disaster Volunteers (EDV) is a volunteer driven, registered charity that aids disaster affected communities worldwide by providing initial relief and helping them achieve sustainable recovery. Their origins are European but their approach is global - they welcome all volunteers whatever their nationality.  and have launched an Asia-Pacific Disaster Recovery Appeal with the aim of starting long-term reconstruction work this year (2010). The following links give the full text of their appeal and a version with images:



Disaster Action

Disaster Action is a charity, founded in 1991 by survivors and bereaved people from UK and overseas disasters. Its purpose is to create a health and safety culture in which disasters are less likely to occur, to offer guidance and support to others who find themselves similarly affected by major tragedy, and to raise awareness of the needs of survivors and bereaved.



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