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Between March 2005 and May 2006 the British Red Cross issued nine newsletters that were distributed widely to the UK tsunami community. 

These are PDF files, and clicking on the links below will open them assuming you have the Adobe Reader on your system.

Alternatively they may be downloaded as individual files by RIGHT clicking on the links below, and using the 'Save As' option to store them on your own PC.

Issue 1 - March 2005
Issue 2 - June 2005
Issue 3 - July 2005
Issue 4 - September 2005
Issue 5 - October 2005
Issue 6 - November 2005
Issue 7 - February 2006
Issue 8 - April 2006
Issue 9 - May 2006

The Red Cross ceased issuing newsletters after the formation of Tsunami Support UK.


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