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Posted by Cheryl D'Cruz 12:57am, 03/12/11
Remembering those we lost and love.
This time of year is difficult for many people and doing something at this time helps focus the mind and will benefit those less fortunate still suffering and in need of a little extra support.

The Lisa May Foundation raises money for victims of natural disaster in memory of Lisa May who lost her life in 2004.
We have set up a text to donate code that will be put to good use around the world as and when it is needed.

We may not be able to help those we lost but we can honour their memory by helping rebuild the lives of those left behind to make sense of the destruction caused.

For more info on us please visit our website: www.lisamayfoundation.org or search us out on Face Book.

All funds from this campaign will be set aside for disaster relief.

All you need to do now is text : £5 OR £10 TO : TLMF27 TO 70070

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