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Posted by Rebecca Bate 1:29pm, 21/01/13
Support groups?
Hi, I was involved in the tsunami in 2004 and due to recent events I have decided to find out if there are any support groups in the South? I have tried searching but can only find support groups for other types of survivors, from different traumas. Please can someone let me know if there is anything available?
Thanks, Becky
Reply posted by Lynne White 11:57pm, 03/04/13
Sorry my computor posted before i finished. was gonna say including the island we were on. it was horific and I nearly lost my son who was ten at time but thankfully both of us were rescued by the waiters. For a while i dont know how long for, we were seperated and didnt know if each other had survived. But thank God we did survive. I dont know if there are any groups in the area or not.. Ly
Reply posted by Lynne White 11:50pm, 03/04/13
Hi Becky
Just joined this site today. I live in the south from Surrey. My son and I were in the tsunami 2004 as well. We were in the maldives. You dont hear much about the maldives but some of the islands were affected including
Reply posted by Michelle Stevens 7:06pm, 27/03/13
Hi Becky
Having only recently discovered this site I just saw your post. I am not aware of any support groups in the south but know the importance of being able o talk to someone who was there. We are based in Hertfordshire if it helps.
Michelle x

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